Related LncRNAs
ID lncRNA Name Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
EL0276 CCAT1 gallbladder cancer qPCR, Luciferase reporter assay, Western blot etc. gallbladder cancer tissue up-regulated expression In this study, we demonstrated that CCAT1 was upregulated in gallbladder cancer (GBC) tissues. CCAT1 silencing downregulated, whereas CCAT1 overexpression enhanced the expression of miRNA-218-5p target gene Bmi1 through competitively 'spongeing' miRNA-218-5p. Our data revealed that CCAT1 knockdown impaired the proliferation and invasiveness of GBC cells, at least in part through affetcing miRNA-218-5p-mediated regulation of Bmi1. Moreover, CCAT1 transcript level was correlated with Bmi1 mRNA level in GBC tissues. 25569100 Lnc2Cancer
EL0487 FAM30A gallbladder cancer qPCR etc. GBC cell sublines(GBC-SD, GBC-SD/M) up-regulated interaction We found the differential expression of a lncRNA, namely, KIAA0125, in a pair of GBC cell sublines which possess different metastatic potentials. Then the effects of KIAA0125 on GBC cell migration, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transitions (EMT) were investigated by using a lentivirus-mediated RNA interference (RNAi) system. Notably, cell migration and invasion were strongly inhibited by KIAA0125 suppression. Moreover, the expression of β-catenin was increased and the expression of Vimentin was decreased in GBC-SD/M cells after KIAA0125 knockdown. 26448925 Lnc2Cancer
EL0556 H19 gallbladder cancer gallbladder cancer gallbladder cancer tissues and adjacent normal tissues up-regulated N/A The overexpression of H19 in GBC cells enhanced tumor invasion and promoted EMT 27073719
EL0578 HOTAIR gallbladder cancer qPCR, Northern blot, in vitro knockdown, RIP etc. gallbladder cancer tissue, cell lines (GBC-SD, SGC-996,NOZ, EH-GB2 etc.) up-regulated N/A The HOTAIR transcripts were expressed at higher levels in the tumor tissues compared with adjacent normal tissues (p < 0.0001), indicating that HOTAIR was frequently up-regulated in GBC.A positive correlation between c-Myc and HOTAIR mRNA levels was observed in gallbladder cancer tissues. HOTAIR is a c-Myc-activated driver of malignancy, which acts in part through repression of miRNA-130a. 24953832 Lnc2Cancer
EL0853 MALAT1 gallbladder cancer qPCR, Western blot etc. GBC tissue, cell lines (SGC-996, NOZ) up-regulated regulation MALAT1 promotes the proliferation and metastasis of gallbladder cancer cells by activating the ERK/MAPK pathway. 24658096 LncRNADisease Lnc2Cancer
EL1007 NPTN-IT1 gallbladder cancer qPCR, Western blot, FCA etc. gallbladder cancer tissue, cell lines (GBC-SD, SGC-996, NOZ, EH-GB2) down-regulated expression In the present study, an obvious down-regulation of lncRNA-LET was observed in gallbladder cancer compared to their adjacent normal tissues. Meanwhile, patients with low expression of lncRNA-LET have significantly poorer prognosis than those with high expression. We confirmed that hypoxia decreased lncRNA-LET levels in gallbladder cancer cells. Moreover, lncRNA-LET overexpression was further validated to inhibit the invasion of gallbladder cancer cells under hypoxic or normoxic conditions in vitro. We demonstrated that lncRNA-LET overexpression conferred a proliferative advantage to tumor cells under hypoxic conditions. 25213660 Lnc2Cancer