LncRNA Information
ID EL0871 Name MIAT Aliases RNCR2/MIAT
Species Gallus gallus Chromosome N/A Start site N/A
End site N/A Chain N/A Exon NO. N/A
Assembly N/A Class N/A NCBI accession N/A
Ensembl N/A Sequence N/A

Function (not disease relevant)
Methods Sample/condition Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
Northern blot analysis and RNase H treatment, In situ hybridization, Immunoprecipitation and RT-PCR E5 embryonic chicken brain N/A N/A The tandem UACUAAC Gomafu RNA repeats bind to the SF1 splicing factor with a higher affinity than the divergent branch point sequence in mammals, which affects the kinetics of the splicing reaction in vitro. 21463453

Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
SF1 splicing factor RNA-Protein binding We propose that the Gomafu RNA regulates splicing efficiency by changing the local centration of splicing factors within the nucleus 21463453