LncRNA Information
ID EL0689 Name LINC01225 Aliases LOC149086; LINC01225
Species Homo sapiens Chromosome 1 Start site 31500085
End site 31509648 Chain plus Exon NO. 8
Assembly Ensembl Release 89 Class processed transcript NCBI accession NR_034112
Ensembl ENSG00000260386 Sequence

Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
hepatocelluar carcinoma microarray, qPCR etc. HCC tissue up-regulated expression We discovered three lncRNA, RP11-160H22.5, XLOC_014172 and LOC149086, which were up-regulated in HCC comparing with the cancer-free controls. RP11-160H22.5, XLOC_014172 and LOC149086 might be the potential biomarker for the tumorigenesis prediction and XLOC_014172 and LOC149086 for metastasis prediction in the future. 25714016 Lnc2Cancer