LncRNA Information
ID EL0571 Name HIF2PUT Aliases N/A
Species Homo sapiens Chromosome N/A Start site N/A
End site N/A Chain N/A Exon NO. N/A
Assembly N/A Class N/A NCBI accession N/A
Ensembl N/A Sequence N/A

Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
colorectal cancer N/A colorectal cancer (CRC) tissues N/A interaction LncRNA-HIF2PUT small interfering RNA transfection resulted in decreased stemness genes expression, impaired colony formation, and spheroid formation ability, retarded migration, and invasion of the cells. 26648739
osteosarcoma qPCR, knockdown etc. osteosarcoma tissue, cell lines (SAOS2, MG63, U2OS) differential expression expression HIF2PUT expression levels were positively correlated with HIF-2a in osteosarcoma tissues. Overexpression of HIF2PUT markedly inhibited cell proliferation and migration, decreased the percentage of CD133 expressing cells, and impaired the osteosarcoma stem sphere-forming ability of the MG63 cells. Furthermore, altering the expression of HIF2PUT resulted in a concomitant change to HIF-2a mRNA expression. 25434862 Lnc2Cancer

Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
HIF‑2α RNA-RNA regulation the lncRNA HIF2PUT may be a novel regulatory factor of osteosarcoma stem cells, which may exert its function partly by controlling HIF‑2α expression. 25434862
HIF-2α RNA-Protein regulation Knockdown of lncRNA-HIF2PUT blocked the HIF-2α expression and inhibited the CSC properties in CRC cell lines DLD-1 and HT29. 26648739