LncRNA Information
ID EL0496 Name FFAR2 Aliases FFA2R; GPR43
Species Homo sapiens Chromosome 19 Start site 35443907
End site 35451767 Chain plus Exon NO. 4
Assembly Ensembl Release 89 Class processed transcript NCBI accession AC002511.1
Ensembl ENSG00000126262 Sequence

Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
enterovirus 71 infection N/A N/A N/A expression A general consistency between the qPCR and microarray analysis results was confirmed in four lncRNAs (AP000688.29, AC002511.1, RP5-843L14.1, and RP4-620F22.3) in terms of regulation direction and significance. Specifically, a 3.31-fold down-regulation 23220233 LncRNADisease