LncRNA Information
ID EL0361 Name EBER Aliases N/A
Species Epstein-Barr virus Chromosome N/A Start site N/A
End site N/A Chain N/A Exon NO. N/A
Assembly N/A Class N/A NCBI accession N/A
Ensembl N/A Sequence N/A

Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
Epstein-Barr virus isothermal titration calorimetry and gel electrophoresis N/A N/A N/A N/A 16580685

Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
PKR RNA-Protein binding Autophosphorylation assays confirmed that both EBER(I) and VA(I) are inhibitors of PKR activation, and profiled the kinetics of the inhibition. Binding affinities of dsRNAs to PKR double-stranded RNA-binding domains (dsRBDs) were determined by isothermal titration calorimetry and gel electrophoresis. 16580685