LncRNA Information
ID EL1126 Name RNA-a Aliases N/A
Species Homo sapiens Chromosome N/A Start site N/A
End site N/A Chain N/A Exon NO. N/A
Assembly N/A Class N/A NCBI accession N/A
Ensembl N/A Sequence N/A

Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
Opitz–Kaveggia syndrome N/A N/A N/A regulation A recent study indicated that a subset of long ncRNAs, called activating long ncRNAs (RNA-a), is associated with Opitz–Kaveggia (also known as FG) syndrome, a X-linked intellectual disability syndrome, characterized by various neuronal pathologies as well as developmental abnormalities. 24624135 LncRNADisease