ID lncRNA Name Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
EL1235 Sox2ot H3 RNA-Protein regulation The expression of Sox2dot and isoforms of Sox2ot with alternative TSSs in the mouse brain is supported by the presence of H3K4me3 histone modifications associated with their promoter regions. 19767420 LncRNADisease
EL1235 Sox2ot Sox2 RNA-RNA co-expression Sox2 is a key transcription factor that is required for neural induction and maintenance of neural stem and progenitor cells, and a recent study demonstrated that the Sox2OT lncRNA, which contains the Sox2 gene within one of its introns and is transcribed in the same direction (Fantes et al., 2003), is expressed in regions of constitutive adult neurogenesis. 20380817 LncRNADisease