ID lncRNA Name Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
EL1058 PCGEM1 miR-145 RNA-RNA regulation Downregulation of PCGEM1 expression in LNCaP cells increased expression of miR-145, while overexpression of miR-145 decreased PCGEM1 expression. Transfection of the miR-145 expression vector and siRNA PCGEM1 inhibited tumor cell proliferation, migration, and invasion, and induced early apoptosis both in vitro. In contrast, there was no effect on RWPE-1 cells. 25200485
EL1058 PCGEM1 miR-770 RNA-RNA binding Target validation showed a direct binding between PCGEM1 and miR-770. PCGEM1 act as sponge lncRNA for miR-770 that regulates proliferation/apoptosis and autophagy, and suggest PCGEM1 as possible target for OA therapy. 26340084