ID lncRNA Name Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
EL0593 Hsromega hnRNPs RNA-Protein binding Immunoprecipitation studies using the hnrnp antibodies further demonstrated a physical association of hnrnps and hsromega transcripts. 10984439
EL0593 Hsromega hnRNPs RNA-Protein regulation It appears that the p transposon insertion in the promoter region causes a misregulated overexpression of hsromega in cyst cells, which in turn results in excessive sequestration of hnrnps and formation of large clusters of omega speckles in these cell nuclei. 11910129
EL0593 Hsromega 127Q or MJDtr-Q78 or ataxin1 82Q or httex1p Q93 transgene RNA-Protein regulation Loss of hsromega-n RNA not only suppresses the eye-specific degeneration mediated by GMR-GAL4 driven expression of the 127Q or MJDtr-Q78 or ataxin1 82Q or httex1p Q93 transgene, but also rescues premature death of flies expressing the expanded polyQ proteins pan-neuronally using the elav-GAL4 driver. 19667761