ID lncRNA Name Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
EL0600 HULC miR-372 RNA-RNA binding Acts as a sponge/target mimic for miR-372 reducing its expression and activity. 21256239 LncRNADisease
EL0600 HULC miR-372 RNA-DNA regulation highly upregulated in liver cancer (HULC) lncRNA sequesters endogenous miR-372 to modulate its own transcriptional upregulation in HCC. 21802130 LncRNADisease
EL0600 HULC CLOCK RNA-Protein regulation Our observations showed that HULC was able to heighten the expression levels of CLOCK and its downstream circadian oscillators 25622901
EL0600 HULC p18 RNA-Protein regulation RIP assay showed that HULC down-regulated the level of p18 directly. 25952928
EL0600 HULC E2F1 RNA-TF regulation HULC activated the promoter of SPHK1 in hepatoma cells through the transcription factor E2F1. E2F1 was capable of binding to the E2F1 element in the SPHK1 promoter. HULC increased the expression of E2F1 in hepatoma cells and levels of HULC were positively correlated with those of E2F1 in HCC tissues. 26540633
EL0600 HULC SPHK1 RNA-Protein regulation HULC increased SPHK1 in hepatoma cells. 26540633
EL0600 HULC miR-107 RNA-RNA regulation HULC sequestered miR-107, which targeted E2F1 mRNA 3'UTR, by complementary base pairing. 26540633
EL0600 HULC TNF-α RNA-Protein regulation HULC expression was decreased with TNF-α treatment. Restoring HULC expression rescued the apoptosis induced by TNF-α. 26981838
EL0600 HULC miR-9 RNA-RNA regulation HULC modulated miR-9 expression through association with DNA methyltransferases and suppression of miR-9 expression. 26981838