ID lncRNA Name Interaction target Level of interaction Type of interaction Description PMID Source
EL0234 Bc1 PABP RNA-Protein binding Competition experiments using variants of bc1 and bc200 rnas demonstrated that the central adenosine-rich region of both rnas mediates binding to pabp. 12162957
EL0234 Bc1 eIF4A RNA-DNA regulation A specific interaction of bc1 rna with eif4a, an rna unwinding factor, and with poly(a)-binding protein. 12451124
EL0234 Bc1 PABP RNA-Protein binding In vivo, all bc1 rna appears to be complexed with pabp. nevertheless, in the micro-environment of dendritic spines of neuronal cells, bc1 rnps or bc200 rnps might mediate regulatory functions by differential interactions with locally limited pabp and/or directly or indirectly, with other translation initiation factors. 16154588
EL0234 Bc1 eukaryotic initiation factor 4A and poly(A) binding protein, the fragile X mental retardation protein RNA-Protein binding Interactions of this domain with eukaryotic initiation factor 4A and poly(A) binding protein mediate repression;BC1 RNA modulates translation-dependent processes in neurons and germs cells by directly interacting with translation initiation factors. 16330711