Related LncRNAs
ID lncRNA Name Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
EL0578 HOTAIR diffuse large B-cell lymphoma The reverse transcription‑polymerase chain reaction & Western blotting N/A up-regulated N/A HOTAIR was significantly correlated with tumor size, clinical stage, B symptoms and International Prognostic Index scores 27122348
EL0600 HULC diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in a cohort of DLBCL DLBCL tissues and cell lines up-regulated N/A HULC was closely related to DLBCL characteristics 27044827
EL0850 LUNAR1 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Quantitative real-time PCR, knockdown Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) tissues and cell lines N/A interaction The higher expression of LUNAR1 was significantly correlated with stage, rituximab and IPI. Univariate and multivariate analyses showed that LUNAR1 expression served as an independent predictor for overall survival and progression-free survival. LUNAR1 may serve as a candidate prognostic biomarker through growth regulation in DLBCL. 26796267
EL0878 MIR17HG diffuse large B-cell lymphoma qPCR, Northern blot etc. cell lines (OCI-Ly4, OCI-Ly7, OCI-ly8 etc.) up-regulated locus C13orf25 (MIR17HG) is a target for 13q31-q32 amplification in malignant lymphoma. 15126345 LncRNADisease Lnc2Cancer
EL1063 PEG10 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma qPCR, knockdown etc. DLBCL tissue, cell lines (OCI-LY-3, OCI-LY-7, OCI-LY-10 etc.) up-regulated expression We first found that the expression of PEG10 was upregulated in DLBCL tumorous tissues and that cell lines compared with the normal. Moreover, we illustrated that PEG10 was significantly correlated with B symptoms, IPI score, CHOP-like treatment and rituximab. 25864113 Lnc2Cancer