Related LncRNAs
ID lncRNA Name Disease Method Sample Expression pattern Dysfunction type Description PMID Source
EL0449 ENST00000414355 cadmium toxicology knockdown 35th Cd-induced cells and untreated 16HBE cells up-regulated interaction SiRNA-mediated knockdown of ENST00000414355 inhibited the growth of DNA-damaged cells and decreased the expressions of DNA-damage related genes (ATM, ATR and ATRIP), while increased the expressions of DNA-repair related genes (DDB1, DDB2, OGG1, ERCC1, MSH2, RAD50, XRCC1 and BARD1). A significant positive correlation was observed between blood ENST00000414355 expression and urinary/blood Cd concentrations, and there were significant correlations of lncRNA-ENST00000414355 expression with the expressions of target genes in the lung of Cd-exposed rats and the blood of Cd exposed workers. 26464647